Toyota Corolla Cross - The best budget SUV

The Toyota Corolla Cross is considered one of the best budget SUVs for several reasons:

  • Affordability: The Corolla Cross has a relatively low starting price compared to many other compact SUVs, making it an attractive option for buyers on a budget.

Toyota Corolla Cross


  • Fuel efficiency: Many buyers appreciate the Corolla Cross for its fuel efficiency as it is based on the popular and fuel-efficient Corolla sedan, the Corolla Cross can deliver excellent fuel economy ratings. With rising fuel costs, having a vehicle with good mileage can significantly reduce long-term expenses.
  • Reliability: Toyota is known for building reliable and long-lasting vehicles, and the Corolla Cross inherited this reputation, providing peace of mind for budget-conscious buyers.

Toyota Corolla Cross Interior


  • Packages: Toyota Corolla Cross comes with different packages such as a hard top, moon roof, leather etc. Therefore, it gives the customer flexibility to choose according to their needs and budget.
  • Spacious cargo area: It offers a generous amount of cargo space for its size, making it suitable for everyday errands or weekend getaways and a practical choice for families or those who need extra space.
  • Comfortable ride:  Reviews generally praise its comfortable ride quality, especially for a budget SUV.
  • Safety features: Toyota equips the Corolla Cross with a comprehensive suite of advanced safety features, including automatic emergency braking, lane-keeping assist, and adaptive cruise control, which are often optional or unavailable on some budget SUVs.

Corolla Cross Interior


  • Familiarity: As a member of the popular Corolla family, the Corolla Cross benefits from Toyota's reputation for quality and familiarity among buyers, which can be reassuring for those on a tight budget.
  • Resale Value: Toyota vehicles tend to hold their value well over time, which can further reduce the long-term cost of ownership for Corolla Cross owners.

In a nutshell, Toyota Corolla Cross has made its name through its performance and reliability. In this price range, this car can deliver features and experience which no other car can deliver. However, for all the JDM cars, the trick is to buy the best condition car according to the budget. Therefore, before confirming a car buyer should always verify auction sheet of that particular car.