About Us

Carmodsbd - Leave your worries to us

CAR MODS BD empowers informed decisions throughout your car buying journey in Bangladesh. We offer both instant auction sheet verification (within seconds) for pre-investment confidence and a curated selection of top-quality, reconditioned vehicles directly imported from Japan.

Our Services:

  • Instant Auction Sheet Verification (within Seconds): Gain confidence before you invest. Our fast and reliable service analyzes auction sheets, providing a detailed breakdown of the vehicle's condition and history.
  • Pre-Order Service: Can't find your dream car in our stock? Don't worry! We work directly with you to source vehicles based on your specific requirements. You'll receive photos, detailed information, and a verified auction sheet for every potential car.
  • Wide Selection of Imported Cars: Browse our curated stock of reconditioned vehicles directly imported from Japan. Each car undergoes a rigorous selection process, ensuring top quality and peace of mind.

Why Choose CAR MODS BD?

  • Transparency & Trust: Gain complete transparency with auction sheet verification and access to pre-order details.
  • Choice & Convenience: Find your perfect car - browse our existing stock or utilize our pre-order service with specific requirements.
  • Expertise & Efficiency: Leverage our Japanese car market knowledge and streamlined processes for a smooth experience.
With CarModsBD you can now purchase your very own first car, hassle free by simply booking one from our catalogue. Buying a new car has never been this easy in our country !
Galib Shahriar

CAR MODS BD is founded by Humayun Kabir & Galib Shahriar in 2017. CAR MODS BD is providing one-stop solution for acquiring high-quality Japanese reconditioned cars. We are a registered Commercial Importer and handle everything from import, sales, and distribution to logistics and customs for your ease. Our vast catalog consists of brand new and reconditioned cars. We offer a unique solution for those seeking Japanese reconditioned vehicles, taking care of the entire process.

CAR MODS BD team is constantly striving to improve the customer experience and vowed to not rest till they can deliver the quintessential car dealership experience to the customers.