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All on a sudden USS auction house has stopped sharing their action sheet of vehicles, then it created a dead end situation for both the importers and customers. 

As a result, importers could not prove their purchased vehicle’s condition due to unavailability of auction sheet on online. However, dishonest importers have taken USS auction house's action as their advantage and started to buy high mileages as well as accidental vehicles and they hide those vehicle’s condition in front of customers.

Due to the dishonest importer's misguidance, customers are also in dilemma whom and where to trust because they are one who is going to invest huge amount of money on their dream vehicles.

Nowadays, we all know that tempering a auction sheet is pretty easy task. As, Car Mods BD ( is providing auction sheet verification since 2018, so the importers as well as customers requested Car Mods BD to find out a solution to fix this problem. After giving six month of nonstop effort, finally Car Mods BD got the access to provide the auction sheet from USS auction house.

When Car Mods BD ( started to provide the USS auction sheet worldwide, it became easy for the importers to prove their imported vehicle’s condition and it also help them to convince the customers.

Moreover, the verification takes only 5/6 seconds after completing the payment.  Furthermore, customers are the one who is receiving the majority of the benefit by the verification as they are getting the actual report and it reduces the chance to get cheated.

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International Clients

*Available Report - 10 USD

*On Request - 19 USD (IF Not Available at Online)

For Bangladeshi Clients 

*Available Report - 800 BDT

*On Request - 1650 BDT (IF Not Available at Online)