Corolla Axio Vs Honda Grace - The Better Choice in Bangladesh

In the context of Bangladesh, Grace and Axio entry-level sedans are the most in-demand cars. As these cars are budget-friendly therefore they are the most sold cars in Bangladesh.  

Here we are going to discuss some pros and cons of these cars:

  • Features: Both cars are entry-level basic sedans from Toyota and Honda companies. But considering the comparative features, Grace will be ahead of Axio in many areas. Such as Honda Grace has a rear seat AC vent which helps a lot in this hot summer in Bangladesh, keyless entry, paddle shifter etc. which does not exist in Axio. 
  • Engine Performance: In terms of engine performance, Honda is often ahead of Toyota. The same is the case with these two cars. Comparing the Grace's engine performance to an 1800 cc Toyota car would not go wrong. Grace's engine power is 135 horsepower and 170 Newton meters of torque! On the other hand, Axio has 109 horsepower and 136 Newton meters of torque. Both are 1500 cc cars. However, the driving experience is much better in grace compared to Axio.
  • Exterior Design: Considering the exterior design, both the cars look very beautiful even though they are basic cars.  However, When it comes to looks, the Grace looks a bit more bold, well thought out and sporty. The exterior is a bit larger than the Axio and overall looks more "mature", whereas the Axio is a bit smaller compared to the Grace and looks a bit more formal.
  • Interior: The interior design of both cars is very beautiful. In terms of interior design, both cars can be considered as equal. However, Grace's interior seems bigger than Axio's interior.

Honda grace interiorHonda Grace interior photo 

Toyota Axio InteriorToyota Axio Interior


  • Resale value: In terms of resale value, Axio will be much ahead of Grace. Axio resale value is the highest compared to other cars in Bangladesh. Turns out, even after 5 years of use, Axio cars are being sold second-hand at a price close to buying new! On the other hand, the resale value of Grace is still very low in our country.
  • Parts Availability: Toyota cars are most common in Bangladesh and Toyota parts are also the most available and cheapest in Bangladesh. Honda parts, on the other hand, are hard to find outside the country's main divisional cities, particularly Dhaka and Chittagong, and are much more expensive than Toyota. 
  • Servicing cost: Exio's servicing cost is the lowest and easiest compared to other cars in Bangladesh. Especially the mechanics of most workshops in Bangladesh understand Toyota car work. On the other hand, Honda's service cost is slightly more expensive than Toyota's! . Apart from the divisional cities, servicing Honda cars in other districts of the country is somewhat difficult. 
  •  User Experience: User reviews of both cars are quite good. However, the reviews of the Axio are better than those of the Grace. The transmission of Honda Grace is dual clutch. Due to the hot environment of Bangladesh and excessive traffic jams, the dual-clutch has to be used very carefully. Honda Grace or Vezel's dual-clutch often gets broken and many people have faces this problem. It is also expensive to replace it as it might cost  4/5 lakhs to fix!! On the other hand, the transmission of the Axio is a CVT transmission and CVT transmission is perfect and worry-free for Bangladesh roads.

Overall which car is better will depend on you. If you don't want to hassle with parts and are aware of resale value and service, then Axio is perfect for you. On the other hand, if you want good features and engine performance, a smooth driving experience and don't worry about resale value, then Honda Grace is the best option for you.

However, before purchasing any Japanese reconditioned vehicle it is very important to perform auction sheet verification of that car. After the verification, one can get the actual mileage, condition and actual grade and accidental history of that car which will help to get the best quality car in his budget.