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Sometimes there are marks beside mileage place:
" $ " means that odometer has been replaced but it is true mileage
" * " means that is not true mileage
" # " means that is unknown mileage

Sample Auction sheet


Inspection Sign

A1 - Small Scratch

A2 - Scratch

A3 - Big Scratch

E1 - Small Dent

E2 - A Few Small Dents

E3 - Many Small Dents

U1 - Small Dent

U2 - Dent

U3 - Big Dent

B1 - A small defect on the bumpers (about the size of your thumb)

U3 - A noticeable defect on bumpers

W1 - Repair Mark/Wave (hardly detectable)

W2 - Repair Mark/Wave

Y1 - Small Hole or Crack

Y2 - Hole or Crack

Y3 - Big Hole or Crack

S1 - Rust

S2 - Heavy Rust

C1 - Corrosion

C2 - Heavy Corrosion

X - The element needs to be replaced

XX - Replaced element

R - Repaired Crack on Windshield

RX - Repaired Crack on Windshield (needs to be replaced)

G - Stone Clips in glass 

We will translate the auction sheet of inquiring cars.

So please do not worry if you find it hard to understand the auction sheet.

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